Sulung Still Life Exhibition

10th Nov 2018 - 10th Jan 2019, The Hague, Netherlands

Sulung is the Malay word for ‘first born’ and I feel it is an apt name for my first photo exhibition.

The Sulung collection is made up of still life images taken from four separate series, namely the Wo, Anjang, Ngah and Usu series. Each has its own distinct characteristics, such as the use of drapery in the Wo Series, summer fruits and butterflies featured in the Anjang Series, earthy and bright autumnal colours highlighted in the Ngah Series and last but not least, the latest ongoing Usu Series that features flowers still lifes.

All the images in this collection were created throughout 2018. Despite of their individuality, the images are unified in their overall style and effect. I want my still life images to be rich in colours and details. I composed and lighted my subjects to bring the most out of their colours and textures. I often received feedback from the viewers that the images I created are painterly in nature and that they remind them of the 16th and 17th centuries paintings.

In fact, I find it hard not to be inspired by the work from the Dutch Golden Age’s great masters, like Rembrandt and Vermeer. The aesthetics of the paintings from this era makes a strong impression on me, which subsequently is influencing my photographic style.

Personally, this collection started off as a project to study and practice the Old Master’s techniques of compositions and treatment of lights and shadows. The images strongly reflects the passage of the year’s seasonal changes, and also more subtly, my own artistic journey as still life photographer.

Untitled photo