Elena and Leon Dutch Autumn Wedding

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The story began like this. It was a wet summer day in July. I attended my partner's colleague's  BBQ in The Hague. As usual, I brought my camera along and took several images of the event. I uploaded the album online and sent the link to the host, Mike as a thank you gesture for inviting us. Mike kindly forwarded the album to his guests. A month later, one of the guests, Leon,  after having seen the pictures I took reached out to me and asked if I can be his wedding photographer. Leon and his then-future wife, Elena like my photojournalistic approach, decided to Google me and found more of my work on the 500px site. And the rest is history.

My assignment started when I joined  Elena for the wedding dress fitting, and on the same day I followed Leon to the city centre to pick up his suit. Few days later, I joined the couple at their home for Elena's hair and makeup trial. This time, Elena decided to share her Italian specialty and generous hospitality by making us delicious homemade brunch! Leon also revealed his artistic talent that caught me by surprise that day. As I was looking for ways to shoot their wedding rings, he called me to the kitchen and showed the rings that he had nicely propped up on Elena's homemade quiche; what a perfect idea! I took the shot - and it became one of my favourites.

Elena and Leon picked the historical 19th-century redbrick Kasteel de Wittenburg in Wassenaar as the perfect venue to celebrate their union. Leon's sister, Adry had the honour to solemnise their marriage and Leon's son Marijn was the ring bearer - it was pretty much a family affair. Elena's mother and a few of her friends flew from Italy to join the couple and the rest of the wedding guests for the celebration. The official ceremony was held in one of the castle's gorgeous and spacious rooms. There were tears of joy and pride shed when Elena walked gracefully down the aisle with her brother, Aldo. And moments later the room was filled with sudden burst of laughter when Adry, in her attempt to speak some Italian, mispronounced a word that unfortunately made her sounded unintentionally and inappropriately naughty. It lightened the mood for sure. There were more joyful tears and laughters following the speeches during the reception that evening. We were back in the room where the ceremony was held to dance and party the rest of the beautiful evening away.

Dear Elena, dear Leon,

It was such a wonderful experience joining you for this meaningful milestone in your life. You both have been so welcoming and generous - the whole process never felt like a job for me. Thank you for giving me the trust to document your beautiful union. I sincerely wish you both many years filled with adventures and happiness together.


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