About Me - Kuswadi Hedeir

I enjoy observing and working with people where I can use the craft of photography to capture their beauty, both in my portraiture work and in photojournalistic-style wedding photography. I love the challenge and process of accentuating the emotion and hidden story from my images, while staying true to the personality of the people and subject I photograph.

I work very closely with my clients from the moment they hire me. I believe that the strength of any photography work, especially in portraiture is a reflection of the mutual trust, respect and understanding between people in front as well as behind the camera. It is always my hope that the nature of the relationship with those I work with would translate to a finished gallery of faithfully and aesthetically beautiful images.

I was born and grew up in a small village on Borneo island, Malaysia. I have been studying and living in Europe for some years and I am currently enjoying living in The Hague, Netherlands. I consider myself very fortunate to be living my passion and connecting with others creatively and authentically through my work as a photographer and a life coach

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